The Biome Project teaches from a foundation in Kripalu and traditional Hatha yoga and layers a therapeutic approach to encourage mindful thought, movement, and healthy patterning.

Elements from different practices such as Iyengar Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong are also integrated.

The Biome Project emphasizes healthy body mechanics and ergonomics to encourage alignment and a sustainable practice. Props are utilized such as bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps, and foam rollers. Corrective postures and movement patterns are explored to mitigate compensatory mechanisms.

Students are encouraged to practice according to their level of comfort and challenge, while practicing non-judgment and self-compassion. Breath and meditation are practiced in addition to the physical asanas or postures.

Melissa has experience working with medical professionals and other working professionals, persons with limited mobility and disabilities, individuals that have experienced trauma, and children/families. She is available to consult with businesses about forming employee wellness programs.

Private and Group Instruction

The Biome Project provides instruction at select yoga studios, client homes, places of work, public parks, and via Skype. Melissa provides one-on-one and group instruction and can offer yoga and nutrition workshops in a variety of settings.

Initial Evaluation

Different survey instruments are provided to receive information about clients and their goals and are optional. They include:

  • PROMIS Global Health
  • PROMIS 29 Profile
  • Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ)
  • A pain diagram and 6-item questionnaire Melissa created

In the workplace:

  • Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI)

All personal health information is safeguarded and remains confidential.

This list of survey instruments is subject to change based on the needs/interests of an individual or employer.

For Medical Professionals

Melissa understands the skepticism surrounding “complementary and integrative health” practices, including yoga. She also understands research and the importance of evidence informing practice. Melissa openly discusses the medical literature and employs what has shown benefit. She welcomes criticism and questions to arrive at the truth collectively.

If you are a medical professional and would like to integrate yoga and nutritional practices into your life, Melissa can help. She understands chaotic schedules and can come to your medical practice, home, or meet at a convenient studio space or park nearby you. She will happily do the research on any burning questions and bring succinct, accurate answers.

For Other Working Professionals

Melissa understands chaotic schedules and the need to have health and balance to support efficiency and high work output. Meet at your workplace, home, or nearby yoga studio or park to have a yoga class, practice meditation, breathing, and/or talk about nutrition.

For Businesses 

Employee wellness contributes to improved work productivity. Investing in employee wellness can yield improved quality of life and work output for employees and employers. Melissa can support the administration of an employee wellness program. A pre- and post-assessment of before, during, and after the implementation of an employee wellness program can be conducted to inform progress and/or any need for changes.

For Persons with Disabilities, Children and Families

Melissa has experience working with persons that experience physical, psychological, and social challenges. She has worked with children with cerebral palsy to individuals that have sustained acute injuries to older adults with chronic health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Melissa loves and appreciates “youthful” energy and supports play while finding mindfulness and healthy living practices when working with children. She has worked with two-year-olds to teenagers at family homes, schools, camps, and yoga studios. She understands the pressures of being a teenager and challenges with elements such as self-esteem, sports performance, and eating disorders. Melissa has experience working on the family level—fostering a relationship between parents/guardians and their kids. She has previously offered classes to moms and their young ones.