Challenge yourself to follow these practices to create a healthy internal and external biome.

The Biome Project’s 10 Tenets to Healthy Living:

1. Set your intention.

“What do you want your health for?” Answering this question will create your intention and motivation. Create a vision board with images of the answer.

2. Eat nutrient-dense, whole foods and hydrate.

Eat foods in their whole form as much as possible, as opposed to packaged or processed. Eat organic and cycle different foods through your diet. The majority of your diet should be plant-based. Be mindful when taking in nutrients to optimize absorption. Share meals. Drink half your body weight in ounces of clean, filtered water every day. Enjoy tea and coffee and red wine in moderation.

3. Sleep.

Find a clean, ventilated, quiet, and dark place to sleep. Give your mind and body permission to be still to allow yourself to recharge, regenerate, and revitalize. Allow yourself enough time.

4. Socially connect.

Find community and intimacy. Social isolation can create adverse health. Be generous and act with integrity. Practice conscious communication. Channel negative energy through you, instead of collecting it. Avoid harmful relationships, but continue to send good will and be open to re-connection. Be your best friend instead of your worst enemy.

5. Move. 

Everyday. Find a personal yoga practice (sadhana) when you wake and before you sleep. Find yoga (union) through different activities. Lift weights. This could be done with lifting kids and gardening. Do interval training. Channel force through you instead of guarding it in your body.

6. Breathe.

Posture is important. Keep the spine long, give your lungs space to expand and use your diaphragm. The breath controls the mind and the mind controls the breath. This tool will promote longevity, help to manage stress, and support productivity.

7. Be in nature.

At least once a week, be outside for a good part of the day and enter a timeless dimension. Find your element – the forest, the sea, mountains, a field… This place can be your best listener. Go to a place periodically that gives you a vantage point over where you live and work. This place can give you perspective. Get access to clean air and feel the sun and moonlight.

8. Meditate.

Create calm and stillness for your universal self to connect. This can provide you with all the answers, create a one-pointed mind, connect mind/body/spirit/others/your surroundings.

9. Be creative.

Instead of stifling creativity, promote it. The arts – listen, engage, be inspired and open-minded.

10. Always grow.

Be a life-long learner. Continuously expose yourself to new information and experiences. Find your edge. Support brain plasticity. Water the seeds you want to grow and harvest.

Healthy living and being is a daily practice. All you have is now. Go! Or be still.