A nutrient-dense, whole food diet is the orientation the Biome Project provides. Clients are guided through what this looks like: how to source, store, prepare, and eat different types of food and understand their nutritional relevance. Additional topics covered with the client include sugar vs. fat burners, fats/oils to cook with, foods like ferments, spices, pre- and pro-biotics, the impact of stress and sleep on digestion and so on… depending on client interests.

If food sensitivities or intolerances are suspected, Melissa can guide a client through an Elimination and Reintroduction diet and/or coordinate testing. Different diets may be considered with the client and a particular diet selected if presenting as a helpful tool. Some diet considerations could be the Low FODMAP, ketogenic, or paleo diet, among others.

Nutritional changes may improve the following:

  • Digestion
  • Weight Management
  • Athletic Performance
  • Sugar Handling
  • Mental Health
  • Vitamin, Mineral & Essential Fatty Acid Status
  • Endocrine, Immune, Cardiovascular & Reproductive Health

The Consultation Process

The Biome Project provides consultations at demonstration kitchens, client homes, places of work, and via Skype. Melissa provides one-on-one and class instruction.

The nutrition consultation process may look like the following and is subject to modification, depending on client needs:

Prior to first session, client fills out:

  • Confidential Client Health Questionnaire
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • 3-Day Food Journal
  • Nutritional Therapy Informed Consent and Disclaimer

1st Session. Initial Interview – 60 min

  • Discuss health goals and nutritional therapy
  • Review health history and nutritional assessments
  • Start Initial Nutrition Plan

2nd Session. Follow-up – 30-45 min

  • Discuss health goals
  • Feedback from Initial Nutrition Plan
  • Build on prior recommendations

3rd Session. Follow-up – 30-45 min

  • Discuss health goals
  • Track progress and finalize Nutrition Plan
  • Fill out a second Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and 3-Day Food Journal

4th Session. Follow-up – 30-45 min

  • Discuss 3-Day Food Journal and results from Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Discuss Nutritional Plan and refine

The number of sessions and pricing are based on client needs. The initial session cost is typically $75 and $65 for subsequent sessions. Sessions generally occur 2-6 weeks apart.

All personal health information is safeguarded and remains confidential.

Download Nutrition Consultation Process