The Biome Project provides personalized yoga instruction, nutritional therapy, and access to resources to help individuals create a healthy internal and external environment.

The internal environment refers to our mental and physical well-being and the external encompasses our surroundings.

The idea for the name “the biome project” came from the exploding popularity of the human microbiome which consists of microorganisms that populate places in and on our bodies, such as in our gut and on our skin. These microorganisms can act as strong determinants of our health. The word biome refers to a community of plants and animals that live in a particular habitat. We can better understand all factors that contribute to or detract from our health when we consider what is inside and outside ourselves and the exchange that happens between the two.

The Biome Project

  • Works with those who thought they could never “do” yoga or eat well
  • Provides tools for those who are so busy, it’s hard to fit in a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Finds a way for those who are looking to optimize their health
  • Implements employee wellness programs

The Biome Project also provides health research consulting services to support clinical practice and publication in peer-reviewed, indexed medical journals with the goal of improving patient health outcomes.

The Biome project provides services in medical writing, such as with clinical case reports and literature reviews, and works with clinicians to administer an evidence-informed practice.