The Biome Project teaches from a foundation in Kripalu and traditional Hatha yoga and layers a therapeutic approach to encourage mindful thought, movement, and healthy patterning.…

A nutrient-dense, whole food diet is the orientation the Biome Project provides. Clients are guided through what this looks like: how to source, store, prepare,…

Medical writing and supporting an evidence-informed practice are services offered. The Biome Project provides expertise in case reports, identifying instruments to track patient health outcomes, and integrative…

Medical research evaluating the effects of different yoga and nutritional practices will be featured here. These studies inform the approach of the Biome Project. [Reference…

Challenge yourself to follow these practices to create a healthy internal and external biome. The Biome Project’s 10 Tenets to Healthy Living: 1. Set your…

Tired of filtering through propaganda about what health products to use? Books to read? Different quality products and references that have been vetted (tried and…

About the Biome Project

The Biome Project provides quality yoga instruction and nutritional guidance, personalized to the individual. The Biome Project also provides health research consulting services to support clinical practice and publication in…

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  • Melissa is fantastic! She is very committed, dedicated and courteous. She has a way of teaching that combines her gentleness with her inner strength, delivering a very powerful and effective Yoga class. She is very knowledgable on the foundations and techniques of Yoga. She is very attentive to the needs of each individual student and I love attending her classes!
    - Vianney
  • Melissa did a great job personalizing the class and helping me work within my body’s various limitations. I left smiling and feeling way better mobility wise. Highly recommend her!
    - Damon
  • Melissa is an incredible teacher! I haven’t been to many yoga sessions. I’m more of a cardio person but after attending just ONE session with Melissa I can’t wait to go to another. I was so impressed with how she checked in with each person regarding their physical and mental state. Throughout the session, she continued to check in not only verbally but physically. I was grateful that she would let me know when I needed to adjust my form and which movement would help with my physical goal. I struggled with some of the movements and needed more time. I didn’t feel rushed and had an opportunity to flow right into the next movement. Highly recommend attending one of Melissa’s sessions!!
    - Jeannie
  • Melissa is very knowledgeable and loves her craft, with her guidance you feel better about yourself inside and out.
    - Ashley
  • In the past few years, I often found myself with a strong desire to learn Yoga. With every intention of giving it a try, I purchased a Groupon. Out of some sort of fear or anxiety, I felt a hesitation and let the deal expire without ever going. I told myself instead I would go to the Yoga classes at my gym, and again I never went. Then I connected with Melissa and found the joy I always thought Yoga could bring me. She partners her extensive knowledge with a serenity that can’t be matched in any other setting. Each session brings more peace and fulfillment to my life. I have since realized that what I was looking for was a more intimate setting to connect with Yoga as a way of life, not just a fad. I continually learn new things about myself and the practice, about different positions and how they connect us with ourselves, each other and the earth. And being able to connect with Melissa has brought that much more meaning to it. She shares a gift with me that not everyone has the privilege of receiving, but one that everyone deserves. I would highly recommend that anyone allow themselves this gift.
    - Marie
  • “Melissa was referred to me by a colleague. I gave her a shot and am glad I did. I was able to get a lot more done by outsourcing some medical writing to her. Melissa was professional. Responsive. She produced high quality work in a timely fashion. She sourced all of her research and did a better job than I could do! I enjoyed knowing that I could rely on someone if I was in a pinch or stuck on something. Melissa went above and beyond for my project and they all turned out great. I appreciate the work Melissa did for me and I intend to outsource to her again in the near future.”
    - Gregg
  • “I’ve appreciated Melissa’s apparent understanding of anatomy and how to flow through postures in a way that optimizes alignment and breath work. Her instruction is consistently eloquent and appropriately focused on the mental and physical integration that make my yoga practice both challenging and rewarding.
    After a few yoga sessions with Melissa, I became more aware of my postures in other Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes, during which I had previously taken a more aggressive or sometimes even uncomfortable approach. With Melissa’s instruction and example I have been able to adjust my approach. I am able to progress in my practice when I come from a foundation of balance, patience and stability rather than a forceful attempt to get to an expected expression of a posture. This has been not only a physical adjustment but also mental.
    These lessons penetrate more than just my practice on the yoga mat. I find myself craving more postural comfort in every moment of my life, whether I’m sitting at work, walking to the store or eating dinner. I’ve also learned to take a more gentle internal voice with myself. I’ve tried to incorporate more self-patience and gratitude towards myself as a result of my yoga practice and instruction from Melissa. I would absolutely recommend Melissa’s class or private instruction to anyone looking for a well-rounded, rejuvenating yoga experience.”
    - Adriane
  • “I had never done yoga with an instructor before, just random sessions at home, watching a video. When I met Melissa, she talked to me about yoga and good nutrition with such knowledge and passion I knew I had to step it up and start working with a professional. I learned so much from Melissa and she made class fun. She was a good teacher and was continuously giving good feedback and kept me motivated throughout the class. My flexibility increased a great deal and it always made me feel great afterwards. It reduced my stress and was the “go to” activity for me to become centered again whenever I got off track. I lost weight, had increased energy, less aches and pains and reduced injury. I think Melissa’s passion for both yoga and nutrition was readily noticeable. You know she enjoys what she is doing and sharing her knowledge. Just try it, you will not be disappointed.”
    - Dan